Our Story


Coca-Cola originates in Atlanta, Georgia when pharmacist Dr. John Styth Pemberton first produces the syrup in a three-legged brass pot in his backyard.


Mr. Lindsey owns the State issued Coca-Cola bottling company, "Lufkin Bottling Works". Four years later the first Coca-Cola bottle sold in Lufkin. A total of 8,888 cases were sold that year.


Mr. W.D. Newsom buys the plant from Mr. Lindsey. He employs one man and 21,000 cases are sold.


Mr. Newsom builds the building on Angelina and Dozier Avenue (now Frank Avenue).


Mr. Newsom buys Dr Pepper franchise rights in Angelina County. Two years later, he will secure the rights for Polk and Trinity counties as well.


Lufkin Coca-Cola surpasses 1 million cases distributed per year.


Lufkin Coca-Cola moves into it's current location at 704 Webber Street.


Lufkin Coca-Cola partners with other regional soft drink bottlers to form Southwest Canners Bottling Company.


The 'Looking Back' mural is painted in downtown Lufkin to commemorate the Lufkin Coca-Cola franchise. One of the young girls standing on the back of the truck is Irma N. Franklin, grandmother to LCC's current president, Lynne Haney.